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quality labels
It is important to use the PROSE tool according to the described methodology. Therefore we want to safeguard and promote the appropriate use. We provide certified quality labels to organisations who can prove their good practice. A label can be provided at the level of the organisation as such or at the level of a unit or department within the organisation. The advantages of a label arte described in the brochure. A basic label focuses on the starting conditions for quality management, on the correct implementation of the methodology of PROSE, and on the effective diagnosis by self-assessment. A label+ accentuates an encompassing and thorough use of PROSE in the organisation, bearing in mind the three basic aspects of quality management: accountability, improvement, and consolidation. This encompasses the necessity to have sharp analyses, clearly formulated and prioritised improvement goals, and well-defined action plans with implementation and follow-up. The basic label is valid for three years; a label+ for five years. Requests for applications are evaluated by a jury of Prose-experts. The procedure and criteria are described in the brochure. The granting of a label+ always requires an on site audit. The rate for a basic label is 363 € for an organisation with less than 50 FTE. For a label+ the costs are 726 € (incl. VAT, excl. audit travelling expenses). The assessment of both labels can be combined. In this case, the combined procedure costs 968 €.

Downloadable: Brochure on Quality labels.