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The PROSE toolbox and working method
PROSE is a system for assessing the quality and the quality management in organisations. A diagnosis results automatically in the formulation of actions for improvement. The tool is compatible with the Excellence® model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), and uses self-assessment as a cornerstone in total quality management. Because of the modular construction, the tool can be used for specific diagnoses in specific units as well as for general audits of the global organisation. PROSE has been developed in different versions and in different languages (Dutch, French, and English).
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The PROSE versions

PROSE is developed by project groups in which the user organisations are involved, resulting in a validated, adapted, and fit-for-use tool. This formula clearly is one of the most important explanations of the success of PROSE. Quality management thus is not an abstract model, but a cost-effective method of high performance. PROSE focuses on organisations in two main fields of action: Education & Training (E&T), and Health & Social Care (H&S).
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PROSE extra's

Clients of PROSE have access to the users site for exchanging experiences, for consulting partners and benchmark databases, for downloading extra tools or questionnaires, or for ordering additional products such as manuals or didactic training sets. By using PODS (the web-based PROSE Online Diagnostics System) quality managers can organise consultations via questionnaires in a very efficient and flexible way. PROSE members have an online account with a number of user credits at their disposal.