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online diagnostics

Members are entitled to use all tools of PROSE during their period of membership. They also can use PODS (the PROSE Online Diagnostics System) to organize consultations by activating sets of questionnaires with different groups of respondents. For this, a package of credits is included in the membership. Activating one questionnaire (a page with 20 to 25 questions) for one respondent counts as one credit. With 100 credits, 10 persons can thus participate in a self-assessment that consists of 10 questionnaires with each up to 25 items.

Member organizations with several departments can acquire an online account per department. A central person (online access manager) supervises the online account and defines the persons that have online access to the system, providing them with logins. He can appoint additional persons as online diagnostics managers for supervising the diagnoses/assessments within their department. When activating a consultation, these managers choose the questionnaires to be used, the time frame for accessibility, response options, and the persons that will be involved as respondents.

The respondents can print out their results. The data of the respondents are analysed into a group report. The report (with indexes and overview tables per questionnaire and on item level) can be printed out and the data can be saved in Excel-format for performing extra analyses. The online diagnostics system is in this way an effective and flexible system. It also allows benchmarking on predefined indicators.

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