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goals and mission
The mission of PROSE is to develop, promote, and distribute methods and tools for integrative quality management in organizations. Methods of quality assurance and quality improvement are based on self-assessment and team work. As quality management is not only dependent on the model and the instruments that are used, but also on the way they are implemented, we also deploy initiatives that promote and assure good practices.

is a network of expertise. The collaboration started in 1996 with 8 Higher Education Institutions, and resulted in a spin-off company with limited liability founded in 2000. The policy is determined by stakeholders who are elected as members of the steering board. Nonprofit organizations, who form the main group of PROSE users, generally have limited resources, financial means or expertise available on the domain of quality management. Still, they face important challenges, often induced by developments in society and by governmental laws. Therefore, PROSE wants to develop activities and products tailored to the needs and the budgets of these organizations.

PROSE mainly works with independent experts, recognized as PROSE experts. PROSE deploys its activities mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands, but since 2005 also in France, Spain, and the UK. French, English, and Spanish versions are available of our tools and the online interface. Already more than 500 organizations use the PROSE toolbox.