Online submission of a proposal for an activity at the EIPEN 2017 Conference

For each proposal you have to fill in a separate form. Please keep in mind the limited time for working online. Be sure to save information for yourself first. Best is to have things written out on beforehand in Word, so that you simply have to copy and paste. All information must be in correct English and checked for spelling.
If you want to submit more than one proposal, you will need to wait 20 minutes between two submissions or use another pc or internet connection. You will receive a confirmation directly but without opportunities for checking the elements of your submission. If you have any questions or remarks regarding your submission, you can write to

Full name of the presenter(s) (max. 2 and starting with first name, e.g., Harriet Scofield-Hallan & Walter Johansson)
Position(s)/function(s) (e.g., Senior lecturer, PhD student, Nurse, Team coach... )
Institutional affiliation (e.g., University of Medirail)
City and Country (e.g., Carranay, France)
E-mail address(es) of presenters (max. 2)
Title of the presentation
Author(s) of the study, tool or project (initials of first names followed by family name, e.g., H Scofield-Hallan, J Rothbard & W Hohansson)
Abstract (What?, max. 300 words in correct English, no subtitles, no paragraph separations, no references)
Outline of the elements in your presentation or of the method used in a workshop (How?)
Any information that helps to better appreciate the submission (background info, without names)
What format do you choose?
Oral presentation (with pc-projection) for an audience of up to 40 participants
Interactive workshop (with a limited number of max. 20 participants)
If you chose for oral presentation or workshop but the space or quality does not allow it, would you opt for a poster presentation?
Yes, I would have no problem with this
Yes, if that would be the only option
No, in this case I would revise my proposal if still possible
No, in this case I would decline
If you chose for a poster presentation but the committee would like you to give an oral presentation or workshop, would you consider this?
Yes, gladly
Yes, if the committee stimulates me to do so
No, I prefer not